Who are Brofessional Review?

Oh look, this blog looks so much more professional than them. They thought they can silence me by reporting my twitter account (twice).

Let me see how you’re going to suspend this!

So here goes, as I tweeted two admins before, recap:

  • Imad Gebaryel, a lame AUST design/advertising student who usually buys his outfits from Eldorado is the main admin and the creator of Brofessional Review. Here’s the link to his Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imadgebrayel. He’s also super gay (if you haven’t noticed).
  • Hady Fakhry, aka the midget. Also a lame AUST student and gay. No work experience whatsoever and likes to stick his nose up Admin I’s butt. (aka Imad). Here’s his twitter: https://twitter.com/hadyfakhry.

Now for the rest of them.

  • What’s a group of fags without their hag. And here she is with her wanna artist lesbo look: Nisrine (don’t know her last name because she’s probably ashamed of it). Same story, lame student, no art experience, bla. Here’s her twitter: https://twitter.com/nysso.
  • The last one that is confirmed is Nathalie Koutia. A Maya Zankoul fan wrote about her here and she goes by the name shmoops on twitter: https://twitter.com/shmoops_. She is an air head and has a stick up her ass.

There you have it folks! If I do find out the others, I will post them here!